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Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News & Updates: Samsung To Consider Refund Policy For Upcoming Flagships

Mar 24, 2017 03:46 AM EDT

The high-end piece of technology Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is on the way. The South Korean company is going to unveil the two devices in New York City on Mar. 29. Not only the consumers, but the company also has a big hope for its upcoming flagships.

Samsung has already faced a recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the company is not in a position to take another chance of recalling its products. The company even wanted to sell increasing number of products than its previous sales. In order to play safe, the company has sorted out a safe alternative to lure the consumers for Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as to deal with accidents.

In South Korea, the pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S8 will kick off on April 7 and will end on April 17, while for the rest of the world the devices will go on sale on April 21. In hopes of increasing numbers of pre-orders in the home country and in the rest of the world, Samsung has reported doing things a bit differently this year.

The company has decided an additional marketing strategy. According to the reports by The Investor, the company is considering offering customers who will buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus, an option of returning the device and getting a full refund after using it. Besides, this lucrative offer is liable for up to three months from the date of purchase.

If this marketing strategy will be implemented, then Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus will be the top most selling devices of the year. That's a very generous refund policy that not only lures the consumers but also takes the company to its previous top position before recalling Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Although the company is yet to confirm the refund option, it can be said that the company is in no mood to take a chance for another accident. And only a refund option will boost up the credibility of the company in this competitive era of the mobile market. Furthermore, it is also unclear if the company will provide refund option to its home country or will it be available for the rest of the world. Stay tuned to Droid Report to know more about Samsung Galaxy S8 refund policy. 


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