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Samsung S8 Plus Update: Orchid Grey Variant Shown In Hands-On Photos; Bixby Revealed In A Blurry Video

Mar 24, 2017 04:27 AM EDT

There have been lots of speculations and leaks with regards to Galaxy S8 Plus, but none of it has been confirmed by the developer. However, latest updates suggest that fans will finally get to know every necessary detail about the upcoming device in seven days.

As fans already know, there has been a steady release of unofficial footage of the devices and according to reports, the latest of this has given fans an insight into the developer's new AI assistant, Bixby, as it will appear on the upcoming device. The Orchid Grey variant of the Galaxy S8 Plus has also been revealed in a hands-on shot.

According to GSMArena, Samsung has already announced the upcoming built-in virtual assistant, Bixby, which is expected to run on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, but it is reported that this will be done in text-only form. The footage, which was released recently, does not fulfill the normal leak standards as it was of low visual quality, suggesting that it could be illegally obtained.

Recent reports have noted that the footage particularly looks suspiciously authentic, as the user interface also appears to be similar to Samsung's design conventions. In addition, the application shown in the footage is said to respond perfectly to screen touches and it is apparent that it is not just a screenshot.

Meanwhile, the footage has also revealed what seems to look like Bixby's main application page, with a large, orange area. It is reported that the area is dedicated to what looks like several action prompts, with some of it being, icons, and one of it appearing to look much like a star. The footage showed others which are more like a stylized house if viewers squint hard enough.

Fans are already speculating that these could be suggested destinations, as the text could not be deciphered due to the very low quality of the footage. But it is reported that viewers will be able to see Bixby's logo if they Squint hard enough. It is reported by Kenya Mirror that to the left of the footage is the version of the logo in Chinese, and it can be seen written in English to the right.

However, viewers can clearly see a cut-off part of a photo of a man's face hidden behind the translucent navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. It is reported they viewers can also see what looks like Weibo's logo next to the descriptive text above it, which is indicative of some integration with third party apps, or search-powered suggestion.

Although it is not clear if the source of the footage is authentic, it is the first look that fans have got on Bixby. Fans can expect to have access to details about Samsung's new AI assistant, as well as devices the assistant runs on - Probably Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus - on Mar. 29.

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