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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: More than Just a Tablet

Mar 23, 2017 10:39 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was one of the most hi-tech and luxurious products of Samsung. It has even gone head-to-head with Apple's latest iPad Pro when it comes to its specs and features. But how far can Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 get to own its tagline as "more than just a tablet?"

When comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to Apple's iPad Pro, it was hard to decide which one is better. To get to know more about the Samsung's newest Galaxy tablet, let us narrow down its specs and features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, HDR video playback, and 2048x1536-pixel high resolution. However, according to CNET, having the AMOLED display has an advantage since there was no easily accessible way to view HDR content on it. Netflix will not support HDR on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 while Amazon and FandangoNow will have the feature since the HDR content will be available soon. Nevertheless, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 can still provide you a sharp and vibrant viewing.

Other external features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 are a fast-charging USB-C port, four speakers, a fingerprint sensor and its very own stylus pen, the S pen. Buyers can also get a keyboard/cover separately for $129.99.

The two most prominent features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 are the S pen and the keyboard. The stylus serves as a pointer. Apart from that, a number of reviews have stated that there are more uses for the S pen with applications compatible with it. These purposes are for doodling, sketching, writing notes, translate words and save snippets of texts and pictures among others.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has a keyboard/cover for it to function as a notebook. The keyboard attaches to the tablet via magnets that include a loop for storing the S pen. Although some reviews state that using the keyboard is an inconvenience due to its size, others prefer using it as a cover and for stylus storage.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is considered as a tablet for entertainment purposes, judging by its features. With its target function as a more convenient replacement for laptop PC's, this tablet can be considered one of the best tablets in store to date.

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