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Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 News: The Upcoming Phone Successor Will Be Equipped With Special Earpiece Features & Even Thinner Bezels!

Mar 22, 2017 11:05 AM EDT


Xiaomi Mi's MIX gained a lot of reviews since it was launched at the Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas last January 2017. The Chinese company has recently announced that the device will be exclusively available in China. As noted in previous reports that there will be a couple of 360-degree renders that will be made as the Xiaomi Mi MIX's successor.

The said successor of Xiaomi Mi MIX will look like a complete ceramic backside with near bezel-less design. According to GSM Arena, major differences between the two are their dual camera setup which is even smaller bezels than the original Xiaomi Mi MIX. Sources added that the new model will have a better and higher screen to fit a body ratio of 93 percent which is an upgrade from its original Xiaomi Mi MIX's 91.9 percent; by reducing a sliver of the lower bezel. Xiaomi will continue to use the same piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology that was used since the creation from the original Xiaomi Mi MIX.

It is true that Xiaomi has been one the first mobile manufacturers to have limited the unconventional earpiece which the company targeted to utilize the largest amount of space at the front of their devices. By adding an earpiece opening, this illustrates to have bigger bezels by putting a hole in the middle of the display.

According to Gadgets, the new Xiaomi Mi MIX will overcome these issues and challenges which make them utilize procedures that transmit electric signals from the Digital to Analog Converter into a piezoelectric ceramic that turns an electric energy into mechanic energy. Until it reaches the phone frame; vibrates the metal frame and will produce a sound that reaches the ears in high-quality soundwaves.

The upcoming successor of Xiaomi Mi MIX will also carry a fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone. Meanwhile, the Cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology let Xiaomi used the ceramic body and consumer must expect that it will also be featured in Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

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