May 12, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

iPhone 8 Update: Device Likely To Feature AR-Capable Camera & Snapchat-Like Features

Mar 22, 2017 10:38 AM EDT

Latest updates have revealed that Apple has already made a decision to invest heavily on Augmented Reality (AR) rather than on Virtual Reality (VR). According to reports, it is believed that the company thinks that AR has the chance to grow bigger than the VR in the nearest future.

Meanwhile, other reports have revealed that the tech company would be joining Microsoft sooner rather than later in creating new tech products, particularly for AR applications. It is been rumored that the products will likely include Apple's upcoming device - iPhone 8.

It is clear to fans that Apple is already developing several AR technologies, which includes the developer's new AR headset and new features for the iPhone 8, according to Bloomberg. The report also reveals that Apple is currently seeking the expertise of the former members of the Microsoft Hololens team and that of the developers who worked Facebook's Oculus project.

Several updates have noted that the tech giant is now working on several ways to determine the environment and overlay various items and graphics onto the objects within the camera's frame. It is reported that this would also be able to work on videos and photos that are taken with the iPhone 8. It will allow users to manipulate and alter objects in the photo even after it is taken.

Meanwhile, the technology company may be developing new AR effects that can be super-imposed onto user's face in real-time for the iPhone 8. The update revealed by Pocket Lint also states that the technology will be very similar to Snapchat Lenses. It will allow users to manipulate, alter and edit their photos with several effects.

The report also noted that KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kou has also corroborated the information, as he is reported to have revealed that Apple may be using a type of infrared projector and receiver. He noted that this infrared projector and receiver will be able to determine the depth and shapes of the objects being taken in three dimensions. However, the tech company has not confirmed the updates and so it is still not clear if the new technology would be included in the iPhone 8.

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