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QuadH2O HexH2O Pro V2 Updates: Developer Launches New Waterproof Drone Capable Of Recording On Land & Underwater

Mar 22, 2017 10:16 AM EDT

Amazing updates have revealed that latest development from QuadH2O - the new drone named HexH2O Pro V2 does not only record on the surface as many fans think but, also have the capability to record in water. According to reports, the waterproof HexH2O Pro V2 is a quadcopter that is designed to not only fly in the rain but, also has the ability to work perfectly on land, maneuver and also record under water.

The HexH2O Pro V2 is the latest flagship from the all-weather drone company, QuadH2O. According to Yahoo, even though the HexH2O Pro V2 is developed by QuadH2O, which is a less-popular company, most of the parts used in creating the latest flagship are supplied by the popular drone giant, DJI. This includes the 4K X3 camera and gimbal.

It is also reported that QuadH2O had also borrowed from DJI's Lightbridge II, which is said to allow more that two-mile or 3.5-kilometer video download range with its control through the DJI Go app. It is also reported that the HexH2O Pro V2 utilizes the N3 flight controller, which includes safety features such as return home fail-safes intact.

The report added that even the copter's propulsion systems in the HexH2O Pro V2 are DJI's E800 motors. Digital Trends reported that even though the HexH2O Pro V2 obtained most of its parts from DJI, the new flagship drone is capable of flying in both rain and snow.

The report adds that although the HexH2O Pro V2 drone is not a submarine, it has the capability to record underwater with its upper portion floating. The buoyancy aids help to keep the camera few inches below the water's surface. The buoy system in the HexH2O Pro V2 simply means that the new flagship drone could safely land on the water.

Although crash-landing in water is most of the time not as disastrous, the new HexH2O Pro V2 utilizes a rigid set of tech speculations for the air too. It is reported to be using six rotors and a 30-minute flight time in windless conditions but possesses the ability to fly in as much as 25 mph in winds. The HexH2O Pro V2 drone also has foldable arms for more compact storage.

The DJI-developed camera utilized by the HexH2O Pro V2 offers 4K footage and 12-megapixel stills with DJI's gimbal for steadier footage. The new flagship drone is expected to be released on March 31. The HexH2O Pro V2 is also expected to launch with a $6,449 price tag.

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