Jun 07, 2020 | Updated: 12:07 AM EDT

Apple VR Latest News & Updates: Tim Cook Promises To Deliver ‘Augmented Reality Experience’

Mar 22, 2017 08:15 AM EDT


Apple has covered a lot of latest technology but there obviously more to consider. One area that the Cupertino company has yet to cover is the Apple VR niche but CEO Tim Cook may be on it as we speak. With the rise of augmented reality integration in gaming, he could take his cue from Niantic’s hit game, “Pokemon Go.”

Right now, Apple VR technology could be Cook’s ticket to keep the brand above the rest of the pack. Apple’s current roster of products includes the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac. Each has been surviving so far though some criticize the timely adaptation of new technology. One clear example is the iPhone which will reportedly get a long-overdue redesign in the form of an OLED screen this year, Apple insider reported. Though there is only one iPhone getting an overhaul, it is a good sign that change is slowly creeping in.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has already started building the foundations for Apple VR technology. Cook is determined to bring this new technology to the masses as they try to keep in step with other companies who have accelerated ahead.

The Cupertino company has reportedly assembled a team to take on the challenges of Apple VR technology. It will be run by a former Dolby Laboratories executive and will include engineers who previously worked on Oculus and HoloLens virtual reality headsets. The team allegedly even includes some people behind the digital effects from Hollywood.

Complimenting that Apple VR dream team is composed of small firms tied up to AR hardware, 3D gaming, and virtual reality. While the source from the Bloomberg report requested anonymity, Apple has yet to confirm these spills. The company is reportedly working on AR products, some of which could connect to the iPhone wirelessly. Presumably in the early stages, seeing some Apple VR glasses come out in the future should be interesting to look forward to.

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