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Some iPhone Hidden Features That You Might Not Know

Mar 22, 2017 03:43 AM EDT


Introduced by Steve Jobs 10 years ago, it is without a doubt that the iPhone series are one of the best smartphones in today's world. If you recently bought yourself an iPhone, or you have been using it for a while, there are a few hidden features that not everyone knows which you could find them quite helpful.

With the iPhone, you could send adorable text-based emoticons. To activate this feature, go to setting, click on general and pick keyboards, then choose to add new keyboard. Select Japanese, and then click on Kana. Next, go to type a new message and click the globe icon. Proceed to Kana Keyboard and press the face that is on the third left along the bottom.

You could also create your own texting shortcuts with the iPhone. To set it up, go to Settings, General, Keyboard and then Text Replacement. Click the plus sign in the upper right corner to enter a new shortcut. You could customize the shortcuts and this could enhance your typing speed in the future.  Also, if you do not want those pesky text and emoji suggestions, you can turn it off yourself. On the iPhone's message app, long-press the globe icon and move up to switch off Predictive.

The iPhone's Siri could also help you to read emails and articles out loud. This setting is not activated by default, so you need to do it manually. Go to Settings, General, and Accessibility and switch on Speak Screen. Select whichever email or article that you would like Siri to read.

If you are running out of storage space, you could still squeeze your data a bit and provide some extra space without deleting your files. To do this, you have to access the iClouds and select Photos, then turn on the Optimize iPhone Storage. This could also be done for music folders with similar steps.

In case you don't want to strain your eyes while using your iPhone before bed, you could turn the Night Shift mode, which will filter the blue color projection from your iPhone screen. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to activate the control center, and toggle the button On/Off Night Shift.

If you getting too much unnecessary emails on your iPhone - either from the one that you have chosen or accidentally subscribe, you could perform a quick unsubscribing by clicking the unsubscribe hyperlink in a gray bar along the top of the email. This will easily unsubscribe the user without any hassle.


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