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Android 7.1.2 Nougat Beta 2 Aims To Solve Google Phone Problems

Mar 22, 2017 03:15 AM EDT


Google began rolling out Android 7.1.2 Nougat beta 2 to all developers this week - available for Google Nexus and Pixel smartphones. The second beta version which was released in late January will soon be made available for Google smartphones. The release, unlike the first one, will include Google Nexus 6P in the initial update for the upcoming OS together with its second maintenance release.

The Nougat beta 2 focuses on refinements, reported 9to5Mac. The updated version of Nougat will feature various bug fixes, users, and carrier enhancement as well as other optimizations. Apart from featuring the March security patch, all devices that will gain this update will carry the same build number - NPG471.

Some reports are claiming that with this update, the Nexus 6P will finally own the fingerprint gesture, similar to the Google Pixel and Nexus 5X. Google has not confirmed anything regarding the release notes or any leaked images for the latest update. It is likely that the public release will occur in several days from now.  

Though it seems like Android Nougat promising some significant changes to the user experience on Android smartphones, CNET editor Dan Graziano expressed that he won't be buying Google Pixel anytime soon - after using Nexus phones and experienced back-to-back problems. Graziano, who used the Galaxy Nexus all the way through its final series 6P which he is currently using, claimed that his Nexus phone was "more than capable device".

But when it suddenly died, he questions if he should purchase a Google phone at all despite that he "really wanted a Pixel". According to him, Google's Nexus came with an unskinned, no crapware version of the OS and considered as the first Android devices to get software updates.

The second beta update of Android Nougat will include app shortcuts, image keyboard support and much more. This pre-release version of Android Nougat may still contain errors, defects, and problems that can affect the normal functioning of the device. 


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