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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 82 Recap: Goku vs Toppo, The Hype of Tournament of Power Continues

Mar 22, 2017 03:05 AM EDT

The recently aired episode 82 of "Dragon Ball Super" finally reveals the outcome of the anticipated match between Son Goku and Universe 11's Toppo - and the battle was really exciting. The episode did exactly what it was supposed to do, creating hype for the Tournament of Power and foreshadowing future threats for Goku to look forward to in the upcoming multi-universe battle.  

The fight between Son Goku and Toppo begins with both characters testing each other strength. Toppo, who challenged Goku to a fight, calling out for justice and labeled Goku as "the evil" since the Tournament of Power was Goku's idea. The match quickly turned into a fierce battle, with Toppo showing his superb agility despite being physically huge. He managed to defeat Goku's first Super Saiyan form, forcing Goku to transform into Super Saiyan Blue.

The fight was eventually suspended by the Grand Priest, who worried that if it continues, one of them will die and it would be a loss to the upcoming Tournament of Power. Just after the match, Toppo hints Goku that if that was already his best, Goku will be no match for his friend Jiren, who is "more powerful" than he is.

After the match was stopped, the Grand Priest announced that everyone has 40 hours to gather their best warriors to represent their respective universe. He then revealed that Tournament of Power will take place at World of Void, which is currently under construction as the arena for the multi-universe battle. Team Universe 7 convenes and Beerus rages over how every universe will be out to kill Goku first during the tournament.

Beerus even turned to requesting that Whis influenced his dad, the Grand Priest, to get them out of the Tournament of Power, but the request was declined. The group is concerned on the grounds that Goku himself experienced serious difficulties with Universe 11's second-best warrior. Goku let them know not to stress since despite everything they still have Gohan, who will be able to fight even those stronger than them and that they will find Universe 7's best fighter.


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