May 12, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Google Maps: New Features Let Users Mark Location With Notes & Photos

Mar 22, 2017 03:07 AM EDT

Google just updated its Maps with a handy feature to help users remember their parked cars. Google Maps is offering a new feature which will enable users to mark a "P" icon on their maps so that they can find a way back to their spot. This is quite a cool option to find a car in packed parking plot.

This is not the first time that a tech giant incorporated this technology. Previously, Apple implemented this feature into Apple Maps along with the launch of iOS 10. But Google Maps' implementation is a bit more interesting than Apple's.

With iOS 10, Apple Maps enables you to edit the location of the vehicle and add a note or a photo through the new feature. But the drawback of Apple Maps is that you will not be able to mark the location if you are not connected to Bluetooth or CarPlay. This is not the case with Google Maps.

Google had already launched its own proactive parking saving feature through Google Now. The Google Now feature worked through sensors, you can save the location just by tapping the phone. On the contrary, the recent Google map update needs manual input. 

Rather than guessing your location, you have to put the details of your location manually. This is not a disadvantage as it enables you to put more information about your location on Google Maps. Just like Apple Maps, you can add notes about the place where you parked.

In addition to note, Google Maps also supports adding multiple photos of your parking location. This is the best way to remember your parked car. The common way to remember the location is the parking space number in the garage via a different shot, floor, raw and color code. But most of the people forget it and taking multiple pictures is the best way to remember the location. The feature is currently available on Google Maps on Android (v. 9.49).


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