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Get a Chance To Win a Samsung Galaxy S7 by Catching Pokemon Through Sprint's 'Pokemon GO' Trainer Reward Program

Mar 21, 2017 11:49 AM EDT


Wireless carrier Sprint and its subsidiary Boost Mobile upgraded their "Pokemon GO" trainer rewards. The company previously announced the first Sprint Pokemon GO trainer rewards program on Mar. 2, since then it's an instant hit amongst the "Pokemon GO" Players. Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best reward offered by the company for successfully completing the trainers.

Sprint shared its updated rewards with the Pokemon Fans at Silph Road community. The company is distributing prizes for the points from 1,000 to 700,000. The Sprint Pokemon GO trainer rewards include exclusive wallpapers to extraordinary Samsung Galaxy S7. "Pokemon GO" trainer with 1,000 points can get exclusive wallpapers, while those with 20,000 points will get $10 Google Play or iTunes Gift card.

The initiative behind Sprint Pokemon GO trainer reward program is to allow "Pokemon GO" players in the US to earn a number of rewards by participating in various events. The program will engage trainers into different "Pokemon GO" activities including catching Pokemon at Sprint or Boost Mobile store, sharing your level with Sprint, visiting Sprint's Facebook page and registering on Sprint's Pokemon GO Trainer Hub.

Sprint Pokemon GO trainer reward program is based on points that users have to earn with above-mentioned activities. The program currently supports 23 activities and different activities will fetch different rewards. For an example, visiting Sprint's facebook page will give you 25 points, registering on the company's "Pokemon GO" trainer hub will fetch you a 1,000 point reward.

The majority of the actions for Sprint Pokemon GO trainer reward will fetch a lot of points and can only be completed once. But those actions which can be repeated still allow you to earn reasonable points. All of the points that you will earn can be used to purchase digital as well as physical goods.

This includes exclusive wallpapers and various pieces of advice that you can buy from Professor Willow who will be happy to keep you notified about numerous tips and tricks for Sprint Pokemon GO trainer reward and exclusive offers from Sprint and Boost Mobile stores.


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