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Huawei Matebook Is The Latest 2 In 1 Tablet, Available With Huge Discounts

Mar 21, 2017 09:31 AM EDT


While the tech geeks expected a smartphone related news from Huawei, the company released its first ever 2 in 1 Matebook. It includes a full detachable keyword and supports Windows 10. This tablet cum laptop looks like it is all set to take over Microsoft Surface Pro.

The Huawei Matebook looks like an interesting product, however, the company didn't share much information till last year. Interestingly, buyers who couldn't afford Microsoft Surface Pro can easily lay their hands on this device.

This Huawei Matebook is available on huge discounts. One of the best things, the discounts are available on the basic 128 GB model with Intel Core m3 processor as well as 4 GB RAM Phone Arena reported. Even though the tablet made an entry last year, it is still ruling the tech world.

Featuring an aluminum body along with a 12 inch screen display and a 84 percent screen to body ratio, it is a very impressive device.The Huawei Matebook is also a very lightweight device. Moreover, the device is available in two color options such as gold and white as well as black and moonshine gray.

The Huawei Matebook includes a keyboard that is fastened to the tablet. However, users can remove it for a regular Windows 10 tablet experience. The keyboard is backlit having four brightness levels. It also features a full glass trackpad with click option instead of touch.

According to PC Advisor, the keyboard offers only a single viewing angle when using. Even though some users might find it as a drawback, Huawei begs to differ. As per the company this isn't a problem since it includes IPS technology.

One of the ultimate features of Huawei Matebook is the fingerprint scanner. However, others won't be able to find it looking at the device. The fingerprint scanner button is placed between the volume buttons on the sides. As per the company, it can be used from all sides easily.

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