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‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Android Security Update Removes GPS Spoofing Exploit

Mar 21, 2017 03:28 AM EDT

The Android March security update has been causing some issues and one involved the hit augmented reality game “Pokemon Go”. However, the issue involves an exploit rather than fair play with reports that the patch has shut off gamers using GPS Spoofing.

Following the release of the security update for Android 7.1 Nougat, “Pokemon Go” players are no longer able to mask their location and facilitate the passing of data to the Niantic game servers. Prior to the Android March security update, AR players were able to change their GPS location without disclosing data on the operating system, Pokemon Go Hub reported.

Depending on the type of “Pokemon Go” player you are, it could be both good and bad news. Good in the sense that it forces pocket monster catching freaks to play the game it was intended for. It is bad in the sense that most who enjoyed staying in one place will now have to get a move on to enjoy the game.

The Android March Security update unlikely targeted “Pokemon Go” when it was released. It was meant to address other security issues and it just so happened that GPS spoofing was collateral damage. Incidentally, it was not a smooth rollout for Android device owners.

Particularly for Nexus 6 device owners, issues tied up to Android Pay cropped up. According to Android Police, the security update affected SafetyNet which is responsible for determining if the device is rooted or tampered. It prevented the Android Pay functionality and other key applications.

Google pulled out the patch temporarily but later on re-posted. It was the same build only that SafetyNet features were temporarily disabled for Nexus 6 owners. As far as playing “Pokemon Go” is concerned, it remains to be seen if hackers are able to come up with a workaround the patched GPS spoofing angle.

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