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Is Andromeda OS Actually Google Fuchsia? New OS Rumored To Replace Google Android & Chrome OS

Mar 21, 2017 03:10 AM EDT


The American multinational technology company Google is currently working on its third operating system (OS) project, known as Fuchsia. For years, the tech company has developed two OSs - the Google Android for smartphones and the Chrome OS for desktops and laptop, and in last year the news about a new Google OS known as Andromeda emerged. The confusions started to appear when another news about Google project "Fuchsia" could be the third Google OS, and if Andromeda and Fuchsia are the same.

A very hot blog article which was written by a relatively unknown tech analyst has circulated around the web, suggesting that Andromeda and Fuchsia are the same - whereas Magenta is the name of the microkernel. Unfortunately, according to Android Police who analyzed the article, the conclusion remains unclear and most points are largely speculative.

Android Police also emphasized that the narrative has such appeal because of the mystery of Google's intention with Fuchsia. The article does not include any formal announcement nor quoted any Google products that could support the statements.   

According to blogger Daniel Matte who wrote the article, Android and Google OS are both being merged into Fuchsia and stated that the new OS could run on both smartphones and desktop computers (and laptops). He also suggested that Fuchsia OS is similar, more alike to Chrome OS when it comes to the big screen computers, but will have a backward compatibility with Android apps.

While the Fuchsia OS is currently under development, it is unlikely that Android OS will be completely wiped off and be replaced in the future. The highly anticipated Andromeda is reported to be based on Android platform, said BGR, therefore the new OS is aiming to develop more of the mobile OS's reach. It is wise that the next time you see any mentions about Fuschia "is" Andromeda, treat it as just a mere speculations, because based on sources that are extremely reliable, Android OS was the basis of Andromeda and that Andromeda would make its debut on a new Pixel laptop later this year. 


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