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Samsung Galaxy S8 Chinese Clone Is Worth Only $100

Mar 20, 2017 05:11 AM EDT

There is no denial the popularity of various smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are inspiring some companies to make a copycat version to gain profit. The company is not new to the industry of small companies copying their phone and there is another one to test them in the market.

CNET has reported that there is a fake Samsung Galaxy S8 phone now in China. Not only does it almost copy all the specs and design, the publication also claimed that the fake version has more RAM than the original one.

The fake Samsung Galaxy S8 has a sleek design with heavy, thicker, and prone to smudges just like a typical fake phone. It also has SIM and microSD card tray slot.

But not every copy is as functional as the original Samsung Galaxy S8. At the front of the camera, it has sensors like an iris scanner but it might only work as a face or picture scanner and not really an iris scanner.

Located at the back of the fake Samsung Galaxy S8, it is seen that there is a rear camera, flash unit, heart rate sensor, a Samsung logo and large FCC labels print. The phone is also seen with a touch ID sensor which, unfortunately, does not work.

What seems to be more fake with this Chinese Samsung Galaxy S8 is its back casing that could be easily removed. The packaging label claims that it has a wireless charging feature which does not work as well.

The fake Samsung Galaxy S8 version features an LCD Quad HD display with 1440 x 2560 screen resolution pixels. The phone has a thick black strip both on top and bottom so that it could look like its curved.

Furthermore, the phone has a virtual home button. The capacitive keys of the fake Samsung Galaxy S8 could be hidden like the feature in the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Compared to the AMOLED display of the authentic Samsung Galaxy S8, the fake one shows the whole screen in lit in LCD display. The original one has only the always-on display for its timer.

The fake Samsung Galaxy S8 run on 6.0.1 Marshmallow and ha 64 GB with 4 GB of RAM. In a YouTube video, it shows that the phone easily heats up to 106 Fahrenheit.

More deception about this Samsung Galaxy S8 is shown like it claims that it has 16 MP rear camera when it really only has 12.6 MP. The picture size has only 6M pixels and 9M pixels. The video recording is fuzzy and it can't record under a decent video quality.

The fake Samsung Galaxy S8 is only sold for $100. This is way cheaper than the original one's price of $850.

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