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Google Nexus 6 Adviced to Downgrade to Android 7.0

Mar 20, 2017 03:11 AM EDT


When Google rolled out the Android Nougat ver. 7.1.1 last December, only selected Nexus devices were included to receive the update - together with the Pixel. In January 2017, the update finally landed on the Google Nexus 6 after a software bug issues. Still, the issues did not fully disappear after the update and the patches sent out by Google have led to more problems such as the broken Android Pay functionality on the Nexus 6 device.

Google has acknowledged the issues and released the official statement saying that the problem is being investigated. The company finally released the new Over the Air (OTA) update for the Nexus 6, this time instead of "patching" or fixing the bugs, the update will render the OS roll back to Android 7.0.

A lot of people thought that it was a mistake, but then after several hours, Google released an official statement regarding the update. Google Community Manager has confirmed on Reddit that the update was not an error of any sort, and Nexus 6 users who would like to receive the future OTA updates will first need to downgrade to Android 7.0 - of which Google called it a "supported track", which means that the Nexus 6 is being u-turned to its previous state before being able to receive a fully functioning Android Nougat 7.1.1.

Google Nexus 6 users who updated their device through OTA update have expressed their anger and disappointment on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. According to them, not only that the update is actually a downgrade, it also has caused a number of apps to crash. This also marks the first time for Google to ever send out a downgrade update.

Android experts said that the app crashing issue is not a surprise since Android phones are not made to be downgraded without a complete factory reset first. If you are one of the users who experiencing difficulties and app crashing problems after the update, you are advised to factory-reset your device to solve the issue.


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