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‘Apple iMac 2017’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Device Gears For Release This Month, To Feature VR Support, 5K Display

Mar 18, 2017 07:57 AM EDT


There has not been a lot of buzz about iMac 2017; the device is going under many rumors and speculations. There are, however, some reports indicating that the desktop is going to come within the month, featuring a 5K display and a virtual reality as well.

The iMac 2017 has not been upgraded since the current 27-inch iMac With Retina 5K display model, which was launched back in October 2015. However, Apple has more or less confirmed its arrival based on Tim Cook's previous announcements that "great desktops" are part of its roadmap.

Though Cook may be referring to an iOS and MacOS hybrid and not a Mac brand, Apple patrons have been expecting an iMac refresh. This is further fueled by a Best Buy posting, which is now removed, listing a $3,199.99 27-inch Kaby Lake-powered iMac with 32GB of RAM and 2TB Fusion Drive.

The new iMac 2017 is said to arrive powering the Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K processor.  However, recent rumors suggest that Kaby Lake may be replaced by the AMD Ryzen 7 processors that will help in more computing power-per-watt and aligning well with Apple's new design philosophy.

According to MacWorld, the folks at Cupertino now values power efficiency over performance pointing to an AMD and Apple imminent marriage until Microsoft Surface Studio came. The Surface Studio however is a dream-come-true device for artists and designers are severely underpowered, which is something the iMac 2017 could influence on by sticking it with Intel for performance and speed boost. In this way, Mac users who have not migrated to Microsoft, they may still be enticed to stay with the iMac.

The AMD GPUs will also bring the potential of a VR support in the upcoming iMac 2017. Virtual Reality is a feature that has long been demanded from Apple devices and the iMac 2017 may be the very first to do so, as per PC Advisor. The 27-inch iMac 2017 will be getting the most important upgrades starting with an OLED Touch Bar borrowed from the MacBook Pro.

Apple iMac 2017 is expected to boast a DisplayPort 1.2, Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 port. The desktop is estimated to have a 27 inch screen and a 5K display.

About the release of iMac 2017, Macworld said that it's possible for the new models to be announced this March. But without any formal announcement from Apple, it won't likely happen. The other rumored date for the launch of iMac 2017 would be during the WWDC 2017 on June 5 to 9.

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