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Nintendo Switch Issues: Problematic Battery Life Span, Variance In Both Console Modes & Some Possible Solutions

Mar 17, 2017 08:40 AM EDT


Everyone was hyped when Nintendo was about to release its innovative console that would allow a player to switch from portable to TV-connected gaming. While this may be the case for most, there were a lot of skeptics questioning the system. When it was finally released, it looks like some of the doubters were right as several Nintendo Switch issues were quick to surface online.

The Nintendo Switch was released on March 3. This new offering serves as both a handheld device and a full-fledged gaming console. The model was generally well-received with around 80,000 units sold in the first week. That is until the problems started to surface. A report by Forbes says that even if the specs of the Switch are generally better than the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, it has two major problem areas.

The first issue is that the battery has to last a lot longer when it is used in portable mode. While there is nothing much that can be done at this point, there are still some things that can be fixed in terms of managing battery usage. Since the Switch has been made for multiplayer gaming, its full potential can only be reached if Nintendo deals with its issues.

The second problem is that there is a significant variance in performance between portable and docked modes. This is bad news for balancing. This means that between the two modes, games will run differently. This has been reported with framerate drops in "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" when in docked mode compared to when it's in portable mode. The Switch's main selling point is that one can switch between portable and console mode anytime, but this issue runs against this promise.

While there are some operational problems, the Nintendo Switch is still a great console. It could be just because it's fairly new. Still, the company has to acknowledge and address these identified concerns if it wants to remain competitive and prevent its brand from fizzing out. Have you noticed these concerns, too? What other issues have you encountered? Let us know in the comments below!

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