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Tesla Model Y It Could Outsell The Affordable Model 3

Mar 17, 2017 05:14 AM EDT


Tesla Inc. is reported to release two new models which will arrive in the next two years. The much hype compact Model 3, which was announced earlier will be accompanied by the unannounced Model Y - a compact crossover based on the same platform.

Like the Model 3, the rumored Model Y is said to be far more affordable than the current offerings by Tesla, but slightly expensive than the Model 3. The starting price of the Model 3 is expected to be around $37,000. But according to Tesla founder Elon Musk, however, said that the prices of the new models will be rather higher - $42,000 for the Model 3 and $46,000 for the Model Y. This is due to the fact that buyers will likely to add cost options to their new vehicles.

Musk recently posted a tweet claiming that the Model 3 remained the biggest property for the company, but according to the analysis, the compact Model Y could be Tesla's best seller as some seven million crossover SUVs were sold in the US last year. The rumored Model Y is unlikely to be officially announced in the nearest future, at least until next year.

Only a handful of specifications were released, and the Model Y is likely to feature the top hinged "falcon wing" rear doors, similar to the recently released Model X. The Model Y is also said to offer full autonomous driving capability with its updated electrical architecture. Up to 8 cameras will be equipped with the future Tesla cars, allowing a 360-degree view of surrounding landscape. 12 ultrasonic sensors, as well as unspecified forward-facing radar that able to work in the worst weather condition, will also be featured.

Musk called the new electrical architecture as "supercomputer inside the car" - as it will be 40 times more powerful when compared to the previous Teslas. When it comes to the power supply, the entry-level Model 3 could have a cheaper sub-60kWh battery and will still need to cover a range of at least 230 miles. The Model Y however, might be equipped with a bigger battery for the same range due to a greater frontal area.

Tesla has spent nearly $2 billion since 2010 for attempting to expand the car production into a massive 500,000 units a year. Musk predicts that Tesla should be able to achieve the target by 2019.  


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