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Important Differences between DJI’s Mavic Pro and Matrice 200 Series Drones

Mar 16, 2017 10:40 AM EDT


DJI Mavic Pro own the throne of being the most popular drone unit right now which that company didn't stop for producing more units to be introduced in the market. Recently, the company unveils their DJI product; the Matrice 200 series.

DJI Matrice 200 series was engineered for professional purposes which practically made for data collections and aerial inspections. This device was said to be weather and water resistant that was supported by its foldable and easy to set up feature. While Mavic Pro is a versatile drone which can take any physical abuse but doesn't claim by the company to be waterproof and weather resistant.

DJI's Matrice 200 series claimed to be more appropriate for more intense usage, unlike the company's Mavic Pro which is made only to target towards the mainstream masses. As for the Mavic Pro, the drone device was made to be a compact body and multiple user modes which are generally designed for hobbyists rather than workers from industrial fields. For professional videographers, outdoor lovers and photographers; the Mavic Pro should fit your needs, as noted by POB Online. On the other hand, industrial businesses along with different agencies can find Matrice 200 drone series more convenient.

According to Charged, both Mavic Pro and Matrice 200 has different market targets with different sets of features that were equipped each of the drones. DJI Mavic Pro features amazing camera-drone features such as Gesture More, Sports Mode, 4K imaginary, and the tripod Mode. While the Matrice 200 has more professional features such as Dual IMUs (inertial measurement unit), dual frequencies, triple barometers, built-in ADS-B receiver, multiple gimbals, real-time kinematics, and carries long lasting high-tech batteries.

DJI claimed that Mavic Pro is one of their most user-friendly quadcopters that has made. Its small size easy pairing remote along with its quick fold setup and smartphone app will offer a very convenient and hassle free drone.

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