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New Rumors Emerge Alleging That Google Will Introduce a Third Smartphone Codenamed Taimen

Mar 16, 2017 11:52 AM EDT


Internet search giant Google is expected to come out with two smartphones under the 'Pixel' name for 2017. However, rumors from the internet feel otherwise. Earlier this month, details from an unconfirmed source emerged that Google is planning to bring out more than two smartphones into the markets this year. Google Pixel XL and Pixel might be succeeded by two phones with a unique code name for each other.

Details from Android Authority allege that the following news has been reported by various sources hinting that the following new devices expected this year will be code named 'Walleye' and 'Muskie'. That said, a third name has popped out of nowhere called ''Taimen''. It is believed that Google is planning on a much larger device than the existing Pixel XL that comes at a size of 5.5-inches.

Codename Taimen (also known to be a type of Siberian Fish), is speculated to be the biggest smartphone from Google this year. Such a move from Google is speculated to be a direct competition with Apple, now that the latter is also rumored to be introducing three devices to the markets this year.

In other news, dedicated Google site 9to5Google also report that Google wants to maintain its stronghold on six-inch devices, that was last seen from them with the release of the Nexus 6 manufactured by Motorola. Samsung for some time now has been known to push out more than three devices for about a couple of years now, with various Edge variants of Galaxy Smartphones and also their proprietary 'Note' tablets. That said, Google Taimen won't be anything sort of a tablet, but will rather be considered a 'smartphone'.

At the moment, the topic still remains as a rumor due to limited availability of sources for speculations to conclude that such a move might finally happen. The current Google devices have been fairly successful in sales, even if there are ongoing problems with the two Pixel smartphones.


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