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Google Pixel 2 Latest Leaks, Updates & Specifications: Pixel Tagged As A Premium Phone & Its Fishy Codenames Revealed

Mar 17, 2017 05:28 AM EDT


Rumor has it that the popular search engine Google is developing another series of Pixel smartphones. The company known for its popular search engine is currently making its step further to develop another device in the hopes that it will top the chart into the world of android devices. Subsequent to the triumphant release of Google Pixel and XL smartphones last year, let us found out the device' hottest news, rumors and updates

According to Engadget, the Pixel device has been one of the major attempts by Google to target the smartphone market. Its venture to compete with Apple and other smartphone tech giants has continued and they are prepared to invest to its own smartphones. However, Google's next flagship phone might come with a higher price tag.

Further reports indicate that the company will maintain to have their device as a premium phone. Google assures that alongside with its pricey tag is its premium quality. The latest specifications and features of the Google Pixel 2 aim to out-do the first Pixel phones. The upcoming device will sport an enhanced water resistance, a more advanced processor, and improved camera features, as reported by

Meanwhile, reports by NDTV Gadgets revealed that the codenames of the two smartphones have been exposed, following the disclosure of a certain source speaking with Android Police. The next Pixel devices were made known to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) gerrit as published in Android Police.

The names revealed are Walleye for the smaller version and Muskie for the larger Pixel device. The report mentioned that both of the upcoming devices will use the same processor and all other internal gear. However, the fishy codenames were not surprising as it may sound since Google has previously named its latest flagship devices after aquatic species like 'Saltfish' and 'Marlin', as per reports.

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