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Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Date Leaked For North American Markets

Mar 17, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8, the next-in-line to succeed the existing flagship from Samsung is undoubtedly the most debated device in the world of smartphones at least until September. With the failure of Note 7 sales mainly due to its exploding batteries, Samsung smartphone loyalists are looking at the Samsung Galaxy S8 as a potential replacement to their existing Galaxy smartphones. The phone is all but confirmed, when it was revealed that it would be one of the thinnest devices from Samsung yet.

The Galaxy S8, contrary to people's expectations were never unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The MWC was Samsung's primary stages for unveiling their latest tech gadgets to the global markets. This, in turn, led to a lot of speculations pointing out that Samsung had planned for a dedicated product launch in a separate location. Seems like the same is actually true, with these details from GSMArena hinting that The Galaxy S8 will be unveiled to the public on Mar. 29.

The report highlights that the Galaxy S8 will be released to the Canadian consumer markets on Apr. 28 which was reportedly revealed by a senior supply chain source associated with a Canadian cell carrier service. While the date for the US markets is not determined yet, it's safe to assume that the United States too will witness the product launch on the same said date looking at the history of product launches to the North American continent.

Meanwhile, a dedicated Samsung smartphone daily SamMobile reveals that South Korean consumers will be able to pre-book their Galaxy S8 smartphones on Apr. 07 while the device launches in South Korea on Apr. 21. As of now, the revealed details indicate to be only an estimate or a rumor.

Samsung is expected to come out with an announcement for the Galaxy S8 release very shortly and might unveil the new smartphone to the global markets on Apr. 28. Even though they've been late by about two months, there's no doubt that the Galaxy S8 pre-orders will be filled completely and the South Korean firm might even exhaust its initial inventory, pretty quickly.


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