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Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News & Updates: Leaks Revealed Force Touch Home Button

Mar 16, 2017 09:53 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most anticipated smartphone for tech freaks. Samsung lovers are desperately waiting to grab the phone and operate its mesmerizing user-friendly interface. The recent Galaxy S8 leaks make the tech freaks super excited for the device.

Following the series of leaks, rumors have been aired that the device might have force touch for the home key. It is very clear from the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks that the company is going to ditch the home button for providing more space for the display. The leaks even revealed that the company has implemented a fingerprint sensor on the back.

This raised the speculation for the home button. It might happen that the fingerprint sensor can be the new home button for the Samsung Galaxy S8 device, but a home button on the back of the phone is not so user-friendly. And Samsung phones are only meant to be user-friendly. So, it is also possible that the company may incorporate the latest technology for an "invisible" home button on the front, as reported by Android Central.

As per the recent reports coming from Korea's The Investor, Samsung is planning to build a pressure sensing technology as similar as Apple's famous 3D touch technology. Samsung might implement force touch into the OLED display of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but only for the navigation bar at the button. So, the idea behind this force home button is going beyond a simple tap, users will be able to press the home key to access additional features.

Although the reports do not describe the specific feature and role of the home button, it is clear that the upcoming Samsung devices will be equipped with this technology. This technique of a home button would even prevent the accidental wake ups and make it easy to access the phone without pressing the home button or the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. Stay tuned for more Samsung Galaxy S8 news updates!


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