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iPhone 8 News & Updates: OLED Curved Screen Design May Happen

Mar 16, 2017 05:23 AM EDT

After the report about the flat OLED design for the new iPhone 8, another Apple update came out. The 5.8-inch iPhone may have the curve design but a bit gentler than the Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge.

The upcoming iPhone 8 will have its gentler curved design; however, the new iPhone will not offer any other new function. Samsung Company will be the exclusive provider of the said design since they are the ones who pioneered the curved OLED screens.

This curved screen will allow a bold area for 5.2 inches that make the iPhone 8 looks sleeker. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects for a 5.8-inch display with 5.15 inch for screen space from the upcoming iPhone 8. Nevertheless, he added that the remaining space would be for the virtual buttons. Chinese research firm TrendForce and Ming-Chi Kuo presumes that iPhone 8 will have the 2.5D cover glass, which refers to the slight curved front glass. The Apple Company had already adopted the said design with their iPhone 6 last 2014.

"Some reports suggest in recent days that Apple will only give the premium handset a flat display, but the source said that would not be using OLED optimally. Nonetheless, the design has not been finalized and could still change." Nikkei reported. In addition, Hon Hai Precision Industry is in charge with the front glass covers. While China's Biel Crystal and Lens Technology will provide the glass backs for the iPhone 8.

On the other hand, Apple buyers are expecting that iPhone 8 will have new specs and features aside from its new display design. One of the exciting features will be the possible 3D sensing front-facing camera. Other new specs of iPhone 8 are wireless charging, better battery life, improved water resistance, function are with a 5.8-inch display with 5.2 inches usable space.

Overall, whatever the iPhone 8 choose its final look, there is no doubt that this upcoming iPhone will be another success for Apple Company. With its promising specs and features, iPhone 8 will surely hit the market.

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