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Google Android O - What We Know So Far

Mar 16, 2017 03:06 AM EDT


If you recently received the Android Nougat 7.0 update to your smartphones, there is another Android software is currently under construction to fully replace it in the near future. It may take a few more months, perhaps the whole year before it reaches to your Android device, but there are already talks about how Android O will be like.

New Sweet Name

The codename is Android O, but what does the O stand for? Three names are up for suggestion - Android Oreo, Android Oatmeal and Android Ozark. There is no confirmation just yet, but we know that the letter O will stand for something sweet, just like the previous Android names.

AI Friendly

Android O is expected to include the two proposed features - Copy Less and Gesture Triggers. With Copy Less, users will get the suggestion for the text you've got open in other apps while you're typing which prevent you from copying and pasting things yourself. Gesture Triggers will open an app based on your drawing command on screen, for example, if you draw the letter C, the Contacts app will be launched. However, none of these have been confirmed just yet.

More Info at Google I/O

Even if it doesn't give us juicy stuff like names or release dates anymore (those come later now), Google usually drops hints about the next version of Android at its developer conference. Last year we got our first look at multitasking through Split Screen mode, rich notification replies, and Doze mode battery saving during the event. Expect something similar at I/O 2017.

The Waiting Game is On

Unless you are using Google Pixel phones, you could be waiting a while before you getting the update, considering that Android Nougat is still being rolling out to other Android smartphones. If you are using a smartphone that is more than two years old, you might be already eliminated from the game, since Android O most likely will require a powerful combination of hardware to run in. 


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