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Huawei, iPhone News: P10 Lands In The Top 3 of DxOMark’s Best Mobile Photography, Ranks Higher Than iPhone 7

Mar 15, 2017 11:55 AM EDT

Huawei P10 certainly takes photography seriously and makes some improvement in terms of the camera compared to its predecessors, the Huawei P9, and the P8. The previous P9 and P8 devices only got the middle score, with the P9 landed in the score of 80.

The Huawei P10 earned 87 points that are higher than iPhone7, making The Smartphone's position jumps up to third place in the rankings along with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Sony Xperia XZ, and Xperia Z5. As a top-ranked phone with a dual camera setup, P10 is only outdone by Samsung S7, Sony Xperia X Performance, and the HTC 10 while the Google Pixels still remains in the first rank with 89 points.

DxOMark compliments Huawei P10 for a very accurate autofocus lens mechanism, capturing great quality moments and pictures even with poor lighting that as low as 5 lux. The device's color rendering is also very vibrant and precise, making P10 suitable for outdoors photography.

Androidauthority gives a report that in terms of video, Huawei P10 is given the score of 84 by DxOMark with the highest points achieved in that area is 88 and held by the only and continues to be, the Google Pixels. This top 3-best-ranked mobile photography is able to record videos at 1080p resolution at 60fps and at 2160p resolution at 30fps, creating videos with pleasant experiences with good dynamic range and precise balance in all conditions.

The produced videos from Huawei P10 have solid details and textures, providing a fast auto-focus with smooth union whenever the scene in the video changes. However, it is also reported that this mobile photography produces some luminance sound, no matter the lighting condition, as reported by Slashgear.

According to AndroidCommunity, DxOMark points out some elements that Huawei P10 can improve, including color accuracy in outdoor shots for the camera and the noise and the depth of color tone in poorly lighted environments for the video. The DxOMark's review tells users that Huawei is improving its flagship one step at a time in term of photography.

The video below contains the full review of Huawei P10 camera by DxOMark. Leave a comment if you agree with the result of the review.

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