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OnePlus 5/ OnePlus 4 Vs. iPhone 8: OnePlus Flagship Takes Over iPhone 8 During Head-To-Head Comparison

Mar 15, 2017 09:02 AM EDT

OnePlus 5 and Apple iPhone 8 are two of the most anticipated smartphones which are rumored to make debut this year. Let us see on how each flagship is fare in terms of specs, features and price.

There have been a lot of rumors and speculation floating about the upcoming flagship killer OnePlus 5. OnePlus 5 is reportedly to will run on latest Android 7.0 Nougat. The smartphone is also likely to have a glass and aluminium body and it will utilize USB Type-C for connectivity. Additionally, it is said that OnePlus 5 will equipped with latest Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal memory, according to AndroidPit.

The OnePlus 5 is said to feature a 5.5-inch dual-curved edge AMOLED display that will give users a clear video quality. The company also said that they are going to provide 4k resolution screen which will support a type of HD quality video and this device will let users have 3D streaming videos which are designed with the latest 3D technology, as per PC Advisor.

OnePlus 5 is expected to ship in two variants one with 128GB internal storage that is expandable up to 256GB, and the other one with 64 GB internal storage. Moreover, the upcoming smartphone is expected to be equipped with a 23MP rear camera and 16MP front facing camera.

In the meantime, Apple is also celebrating iPhone's 10th anniversary this year so as part of the celebration, there is a big possibility that the Company will release the highly anticipated iPhone 8. Amongst the heavily speculated features, the iPhone 8 will come with pre-installed iOS 11 software that will be engineered with an in-house A11 processor.

Additionally, iPhone 8 will be having an internal storage approximately between 64 and 256 GB and will be paired with 3GB of RAM, as per Gizbot. iPhone 8 is also said to release with an all glass or all ceramic body. It is also anticipated to feature long-range wireless charging. The upcoming iPhone is also rumored to be equipped with 3D front-facing camera and it could replace Touch ID.

The price factor generally plays a major factor in buying a smartphone and one thing is sure that the iPhone 8 will be way too expensive than the OnePlus 5. iPhone 8 and OnePlus 5 both are having killer features but OnePlus 5 proves to be the better choice right now as you will not get any type of this powerful smartphone with a reasonable price. Additionally, with the term given to the OnePlus 5 as an iPhone killer, the company would most likely lower its price. 

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