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‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 526 Spoilers: August Is The Real Son Of Zeref & Mavis, Not Larcade

Mar 15, 2017 06:53 AM EDT


In the final arc of the manga series “Fairy Tail” Chapter 526, spoilers indicate August and Larcade’s back stories are revealed, while Gildarts would find a way to win over August. When Hiro Mashima, creator of the manga, introduced Larcade a few chapters ago, he made fans of the series think that Zeref and Mavis are the parents of Larcade. It is considered the most surprising revelation in the arc that Zeref created Larcade by magic as his secret weapon.

Zeref’s Lack Of Love For Larcade

After creating Larcade, Zeref gave him the Dragneel family name, according to spoilers about “Fairy Tail” Chapter 526. August, who has always wondered about the lack of love Zeref for Larcade, was likewise affected by the affection of Gildarts and Cana as father and daughter because he never got that attention from his parents. August was abandoned because he had an immense power and it was Zeref who found him and saved August from a cruel childhood.

Mobipicker adds that in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 526, Larcade would continue to receive punishment from Zeref because he interfered in the battle with Natsu. Larcade cast a spell on Natsu who slept, while he instructed Zeref to kill Natsu which angered Zeref who attacked Larcade. It turns out, Larcade is just the prototype to Natsu whose body was not as strong as expected.

Unknown Impact Of Revelation On August

Although it would be revealed in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 526 titled “My Name Is …” – which airs on March 15 – that August is the real son of Zeref and Mavis, it is not known yet the effect of the revelation on the ongoing war between August and Gildarts. When Gildarts defended Cana from August’s anger, the truth of August’s copying Magic and identifying his weakness would be known, according to Fairytail.wikia. Despite Cana’s help, Gildarts had a hard time defeating August until the two realized they had to hit him with attacks he could not copy, particularly card attacks by Cana and physical attacks by Gildarts.

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