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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 LATEST Release, News, Specs: Coming in April with Creator's Update & AMD Ryzen

Mar 15, 2017 09:06 AM EDT


Microsoft Surface Pro 5 continues to float on the rumor mill. However, the latest leak suggests that highly anticipated predecessor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and rival of the new iPad Pro will have the latest AMD processor instead of the Kaby Lake from Intel.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is much rumored to be launching with the latest processor, Kaby Lake from Intel. However, a new report says that the latest Surface Pro will be having the new processor from AMD. The rumor is coming from a tweet from Robo-Lobster (@RoboLobster).

The Twitter user has shared a link to "Alien: Covenant" trailer on YouTube, where Surface Pro 5 is seen using an AMD processor (at the 0:58 on the video shown below). It appears that, the successor of Surface Pro 4 was shown in the new trailer of "Alien: Covenant" with the AMD as the sponsor of the movie, thus the speculation came out with the belief that the trailer has just dropped hints on the chip of the new tablet.

Aside from the powerful chip, the Surface Pro 5 will also feature a 4K resolution display which will be detachable. The new is also expected to feature Windows biggest update i.e. the Windows 10 Creators Update. The new Surface Pro flagship will be

Additionally, the new Surface Pro is also rumored to have an improved Surface Pen. The rumor is coming from the leaked patent that reveals Microsoft has developed a new Surface Pen with rechargeable ability, which will probably be a good companion for the upcoming Surface Pro tablet, as per the SmartStockNews.

According to a report from PC Advisor, everyone was hoping that Microsoft would announce the Surface Pro 5 during the Mobile World Congress but, sadly it didn't happen. But with the big Windows 10 update coming next month on April 11, there's a possibility that the Surface Pro 5 could arrive in the same month.

The Redmond-based tech giant is offering the Surface Pro 4 at alluring discounted prices of $200 through its online store. Tech enthusiasts are making theory of huge discount as an indication that the Surface Pro 5 is just around the corner since its precursor is already trying to move out of the warehouse.

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