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Slimmer & More Affordable Version of DJI Mavic Pro? DJI Mavic Standard May Be The One!

Mar 15, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

There will be a new drone model - DJI Mavic Standard reportedly to be released soon. The company was said to already submit an application for labeling and FFC ID.

Although the company has been bashed by customers who were affected with the delayed pre-orders, DJI Mavic Pro reign supreme as the 2016's best-selling drone with the impressive drone performance, compared to GoPro Karma who suffered a sudden death during flight. The company also endured the rumors emerged late in 2016 that allegedly claimed its seller receiving notice of cancellation of some of their products.

The Chinese drone creator DJI once again was put in the spotlight, and this time it is surrounded by speculation that the company may release a new drone dubbed as DJI Mavic Standard. The product is said to be a slimmed down version of the overwhelming popular DJI Mavic Pro, as reported by British website MavicGuide.

Images appeared on the FCC website - said to be submitted by the company, showing two labels of what appeared to be the DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Mavic Standard. The description of DJI Mavic Standard specs is similar to DJI Mavic Pro, except that it may not have include sensors for obstacle detection.

Video resolution will remain 12MP and the video connection would also be that of the OcySync. There is also a big chance that DJI Mavic Standard would sport the same method of navigation which is through WiFi connected to smartphones or tablets.

DJI Mavic Standard would feature a downgraded version of the camera with a maximum resolution of 1080 or 2.7k HD movie. Both drones will weigh the same, and even the size would be much less similar to each other. The most important part is, DJI Mavic Standard would be cheaper than DJI Mavic Pro, with the price likely to fall in the range between $699 to $799.  


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