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9 Cool Hidden Features in Android 7.0 Nougat You Should Know

Mar 15, 2017 03:29 AM EDT


If you own a Google smartphone, you definitely using a device that runs on the latest Android software for a while now. But if you are using other Android smartphones such as Samsung or Huawei, you probably just recently received the update for the new Android version Nougat 7.0 - an upgrade from Marshmallow 6.1. Nougat is not somewhat entirely different than Marshmallow, but it is indeed packed with many interesting features.

The rollout process for the new Android version to Android smartphones (apart from Google Nexus / Pixel) can be considered late as the manufacturers need to tweak the functionality so it can runs smoothly on their hardware. After that, the network providers need to run several tests so that the device could work properly on the connectivity.

There is a strong possibility that your device is yet to receive the new updates. Regardless, the rollout will soon reach to your device and here are the 9 cool features you should know that are available in the latest Android Nougat.

Split Screen Mode

You could run up to two apps at the same time on the same screen, enriching the multitasking experience. It works on both landscape and portrait mode. To activate this function, you need to long-press on the recent apps button. When you are done, long-press the same button again to exit the mode. However, not all apps support the function just yet.

Quick Switch

Nougat allows users to switch back and forth between the two recent apps and it works when you are in the split screen mode or full-app mode. To activate, simply double tap the recent app button.

Secret UI Tuner

Part of the main reasons why people love Android so much is the ability to customize the phone according to their taste. Nougat now allows users to "tweak" the status bar, add swipe up or split screen functionality or even the "do not disturb" feature. However, you will encounter a warning message before you can proceed, much like the special access to install the apps that are not originally listed from Google Play. To find this function, swipe down the notification shade and long-press the gear icon to activate a new menu in the "System" section in your setting. Remember to proceed with caution.

Pull Down Shade Easy Editing

If you would like to rearrange the tiles on your Android pull-down shade, you can simply do that by expanding the little arrow on the right side to see the list of easy access tiles. Hit the edit button and then you can drag to re-order the tiles accordingly.

Power Notifications

This could only be done after you have enabled the UI tuner as described above. When the UI Tuner has been activated, you need to toggle on "Power Notification Controls" which is available on the "other" menu. This allows you to set the app notifications on a scale from 0 (block) to 5 (show at the top of notification list and allow full-screen disruption).

Easy Notification Editing

By long pressing on a particular notification listed in the pull-down shade, or pushing it slightly to either side will reveal a little gear icon. This will give you the ability to easily access app-notification preferences. It works on the lock screen as well.

Set a Separate Wallpaper for Lock and Home Screens

Although this feature was already available from many OEMs, it is now the native function for Nougat. Long-press the home screen to reveal the menu on the screen asking if you would like to change the wallpaper - for the home screen, lock screen or both.

Display Size

You could make the display turns bigger or smaller with Nougat. Navigate to Display setting and choose "display size" to reveal the option. There are 5 different settings available for the size.

Nougat Easter Egg

Much like the previous Android versions, there is a mini-game hidden inside Nougat. To play, go to the setting and press "About Phone" and repeatedly tap "Android 7.0" until the giant N appear. Then, long tap the logo to prompt a little cat emoji at the bottom of the screen. Swipe down from the top to bring down the notification shade, press "edit" and then scroll down to find a little cat icon with "??? Android Easter Egg" label with it. When you swipe down, you will notice a tile for "empty plate". Another tap will prompt a choice of four cat treats and if you choose one, you will be notified that you have caught the cat. 


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