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Google Play Store Cuts Prices For ‘Hitman GO,’ ‘Deus Ex GO’ & ‘Lara Croft GO’ To $0.99

Mar 14, 2017 07:55 AM EDT

Now is a good time to acquire video at substantially discounted prices or free. Xbox One Gold Members enjoy that privilege monthly, while those who prefer to play games on their mobile phones rather than game consoles should check Google Play Store. There are three titles from Square Enix that are adaptations of classic computer games.

Re-Imaged Games For Mobile Phones

The three games were re-imagined for mobile phones with completely different gameplay and stories, however, it kept the classic feel of the individual franchise. Android Authority reports that the original “Hitman GO” and partner title “Deux Ex GO” and "Lara Croft GO" are discounted by 80 percent. The current price of the three titles at Google Play Store is only $0.99 each.

The tech website points out that “Hitman GO” is rated 4.5 stars based on more than 75,000 reviews, so it is a quality title. “Deus Ex GO” and “Lara Craft GO” also have similar high ratings, making these three mobile games worth the Google Opinion Rewards money spent at the Google Play Store worth it. The three games have actually been discounted heavily since November 2016, Android Police notes.

Solving Puzzles Focus

It explains that the concept behind these GO games selling at Google Play Store is based on turn-based, strategical gameplay that is focused on solving puzzles to advance through the levels. The three games share similar mechanics but still offer substantial differences to feel like unique games. For instance, “Deus Ex GO” is similar to “Lara Croft GO,” but it has a very different theme and a gameplay with a “Deus Ex” twist.

However, while the three mobile games sell for $0.99 each at Google Play Store, VG247 reported in January that at Amazon it is free. It is part of Square Enix’s partnership with Amazon Underground. To get the free games, players must sign up with Amazon Underground to acquire the app which must be fired up and the links provided by Square Enix in a tweet hit.

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