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Samsung Galaxy S8 Has Its Fingerprint Sensor On The Back? Here's The Reason Why

Mar 14, 2017 05:18 AM EDT

When images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has leaked on the internet, people wondered why the fingerprint sensor was located at the back of the phone instead of in front. A report claims that the technology was not really ready for this time.

According to Android Authority, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was hoped to be equipped with an embedded sensor manufactured by Synaptics, a US-based touch solution provider. Unfortunately, the project ran out of time and the company was forced to just locate the sensor on the device's back.

Based on the leaked images, the fingerprint sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is located right beside the camera. The reactions from the people are polarizing, stating that the setup would be hard for them because it requires reaching with the finger to the top of the phone and it could smuggle the camera in the process.

According to Droid Life, the decision to switch the sensor to the back was made at the last minute. This could explain the awkward design of the Samsung Galaxy S8. 

Did they not even try? According to reports, Samsung gave all of its resources to Synaptics and made the best efforts to finish in time for the Samsung Galaxy S8's April release but failed to meet the deadline.

But it is not only Samsung facing this problem. Techno Buffalo reported that other competitors like Apple are also facing similar issues in terms of putting on-screen fingerprint sensing technology. There are rumors that the next iPhone would be the first one to drop the physical home button in order for the fingerprint sensor to work.

With weeks away from its launch, the leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are still coming, which is considered as something not usual for Samsung as they want to tease people with its features. What could this mean?

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