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Google Nexus 6 Security Latest News & Update: New Patch Reinstated Less SafetyNet Feature

Mar 14, 2017 03:36 AM EDT

Google initially rolled out its March security update for the Google Nexus 6 but had to briefly pull it out due to a glitch. It turns out that the patch had some issued tied up with the API, preventing people from properly using Android Pay.

Google Nexus 6 owners who were able to install the patch saw it break SafetyNet. This had to do with the API first checking if the phone was tampered, skimming the device for bootloaders, flash custom ROMS and other issues that could show a device compromised, Phone Arena reported. When complaints came in, the March update was briefly pulled from the site for programmers to check.

The March security update for the Google Nexus 6 was eventually returned though it comes less the SafetyNet-related issue. The image and OTA file (N6F62U) is available for download as pointed out by Android Police. This is considered a temporary patch until developers are able to figure out why the API is malfunctioning. There are apparently other features and fixes that patch carries, something Nexus 6 owners will need such as a subset of vulnerabilities most Android-powered devices have to deal with.

There is no timetable on when the March security patch for the Google Nexus 6 will come out. Before the API issue cropped up, Google had already fixed 22 high severity issues and 11 problems. The Nexus 6 recently reached the end of software support but still receives monthly security updates.

To date, the cause of the SafetyNet breakdown has yet to be revealed. Android Pay is one of the important features for individuals these days, providing the flexibility they need to complete transactions from anywhere. The March security patch was originally tasked to fix severe security issues, including one which involves hackers from remotely executing malicious codes via email, browser, and media files, WCCFTech reported.

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