Oct 31, 2020 | Updated: 09:48 PM EDT

Whatsapp To Bring Edit, Delete Options For Unread Text Even After Been Sent Out - But Only To Specific Devices.

Mar 14, 2017 10:02 AM EDT


The globally popular messaging app Whatsapp is rolling out an update which brings a massive function - editing text after being sent out and Windows phone users will be the first one to receive it. The exciting function is said to allow users to edit or even delete the sent texts - but not yet been read by the intended recipients. 

In other words, if there is just one gray tick displayed next to the text, users can still edit the message or delete it, and the intended recipient (who has not read the message) will not know about it.  However, 
According to Expresssuch ability will only last for 30 minutes, based on the beta. It is still unknown when this update will come to Windows phones. Previously, similar functionality was added to the WhatsApp beta release on iPhone but has not materialized into a final version just yet.

The news emerged after Whatsapp releases its new update - Whatsapp Status which allow users to send updates in form of photos and videos to their contacts. The updates can be further customized by adding emojis, texts, draws and some filters. Similar to Snapchat, Whatsapp Status enables users to send a series of updates in a course of 24 hours before they disappear.

Recent Whatsapp update also sees a huge improvement on video playback, where users could stream the received video files instead of downloading them first. The videos will still be downloaded to the phone - which occurs in the background, but with the new feature, users do not have to wait anymore.

Video and voice calling also sees a huge improvement over the few recent updates with major bug fixes. Also included is animated GIF support which enables Android users to send and receive GIF message from their contacts. For those (Windows phone users) who could not wait to try the new Whatsapp features may download the beta version available at the Windows Store.

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