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Microsoft Surface Book 2 Latest News: Earlier Release Date is Possible due to Intel’s Kaby Lake Mass Production

Mar 13, 2017 11:14 AM EDT


The successor of Surface Book, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 has been rumored to be in progress. Microsoft, however, seems very reluctant to share any news or information to the tech world regarding the development of its next-generation premium hybrid laptop device.

Microsoft's secretive nature in working the Microsoft Surface Book 2 fuels many speculations and rumors among users about whether or not this device will be released before the end of this year. Most of the consumers also slowly grow tired waiting for this gadget.

The latest rumors are indicating that tech giant company has made a formal announcement regarding the Microsoft Surface Book 2 that it will set to launch before the second-half of 2017, but such gadget is not expected to arrive at least before the latter stages of the current year. There aren't any more words from Microsoft whether or not they can keep the promise.

Just recently, the Redmond giant firm has rolled out the predecessor of Microsoft Surface Book 2, the powerful Surface Book. That model is powered by Intel's previous-generation processing chipset, Skylake.

There's a hope, however, that the tech giant company will release its Microsoft Surface Book 2 before the end of this year if nothing goes wrong based on the announcement that Intel has recently said. Intel has confirmed that its seventh-generation processing chip, Kaby Lake, is finally up and ready for mass production.

Since Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be powered by Intel's sixth-generation processing chip, Skylake, it makes sense that Microsoft would be eager to roll out its premium next-generation Surface Book as soon as possible before the mass production of Intel's Kaby Lake starts. The reason has something to do with Intel's new chipset performance, Kaby Lake which is designed not only to be more efficient in terms of power but is also intended to deliver a faster performance experience, as reported by SmartStockNews.

According to TechRadar, it is also revealed that the price for Microsoft Surface Book is getting cheaper. This could be an indication that Microsoft will soon launch its brand new Microsoft Surface Book 2.

For more information about the expected release of Microsoft Surface Book 2, please watch the video below. Let us know your opinion in the comment section if you're still waiting for this device.

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