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‘Dragon Ball’ Super Episodes 82-85 Spoilers: Goku Chooses Most Power Team Members

Mar 13, 2017 12:09 PM EDT


Spoilers for “Dragon Ball” Super Episodes 82-85 say that Vegeta and Bulma would have a second child in Episode 83, scheduled to air on March 26. The situation would require Goku to pick the most powerful members of his team to ensure victory because Universe 7 must be represented by the 10 strongest fighters. Goku would be seeing Kuririn and Android 18 in Episode 84, which airs April 2, to join the team.

Seeking Android 17

The next move of Goku in “Dragon Ball” Super Episodes 82-85 would have him visit God Dende in Episode 85, to air April 9, to ask where Android 17 is. In the same episode, titled “The Universes Get into Gear: Each One’s Thoughts,” the “Tournament of Power” would start with all the Kaioshins of the universe gathered in Universe 11, Blasting News reports. All these would be preceded by the battle between Toppo of Universe 11 and Goku on Episode 82 which airs March 19 instead of March 12 because of the broadcast of the Nagoya Women’s Marathon.

However, rather than Goku fighting Toppo, he would instead fight Jiren. But the Great Priest would halt the fight and order the two to join the “Tournament of Power,” in spoilers for “Dragon Ball” Super Episodes 82-85. Eighty warriors from eight universes face off simultaneously at the tournament which would begin in 40 hours and take 48 minutes. The tournament also called “Chikara no Taikai,” is initiated by Zen-Oh, the Omni King, according to the Universe Survival Arc official synopsis, Anime Mojo reports.

What Happened To Android 17

The martial arts tournament is the start of universal destruction. There would be something waiting for the winners and losers of the tournament, says spoilers for “Dragon Ball” Episodes 82-85. Goku’s team for the tournament is composed of Vegeta, Majin Buu, Android 17, Krilin, Master Roshi, Gohan, Piccolo, Android 18 and Tenshinhan.

In Episode 85, fans would be updated on what happened to Android 17. To recall, Vegeta convinced Dende in “Dragon Ball Z” to revive all the victims of the devastating attacks on Earth by Kid Buu. But the request focused only on good-hearted victims which lead to the revival of Android 17 in “Dragon Ball” Episodes 82-85, Comicbook recounts.

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