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Apple iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 5 Release Confirmed at Steve Jobs Theater in April 2017 Event

Mar 11, 2017 07:45 AM EST


Tech enthusiasts are restlessly waiting for Apple to give more information about the new iPad mini 5 (or iPad Pro mini) or iPad Pro 2 release, specs, features, design and other details. However, the Cupertino-based seems to be in no mood to answer their prayers.

Apple patrons might see the rumored iPad Pro 2 or iPad Mini 5 in the coming event. According to Apple World Today blog, one Apple event is slated to take place on April 4. The Cupertino Company always organizes its spring event in March for the past few years and the blog confirms that the iPad event is next spring event for the company.

However, this does not coincide with the March releases of previous years. With Apple Park is scheduled to inaugurate in April this year, same Apple blog suggests that the tech firm will launch its new iPad lineup in the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theatre which is situated on the new Apple Park campus known as 'Spaceship.'

Blog's contributing editor Marty Edwards claims that some iPad deals that are currently up for grabs via local carriers, offering up to a considerable $150 off and the most models are scheduled to end on April 1. Notably, this is just three days ahead of when they claim the launch event will take place for both iPad Pro 2 and iPad Mini 5.

Although Apple World Today does not have too many concrete sources to uphold their claim, there's no lack of credibility behind the report written by Steven Sande, who is a former editor of TUAW (via 9To5Mac). As per to Steven, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model is in short supply on Apple's website, with the page of the tablet pointing to April 4 as an availability date, this could also mean that Apple could opt for same day availability.

Some recently surfaced reports claim that Apple's rumored iPad Pro 2 may come along with a magnetic Apple Pencil, as reported by CNET. Although not much is known about iPad Pro 2 and iPad Mini 5, but gadget freaks are ecstatic to get a glimpse of the new improvements. The upcoming Apple device is said to be powered by the A9 and M9 motion co-processor.

In the meantime, the iPad mini 5 or iPad Pro mini or iPad Pro 3 is expected to arrive with new features such as IP68 protection and Apple's 3D Touch technology. The iPad Pro 2 is said to roll out alongside the latest major point update for iOS 10, the IOS 10.3.

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