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AirPods Available Again At AT&T & Verizon For $159

Mar 11, 2017 04:24 AM EST

After going out of stock following its launch in late 2016, the AirPod is back in stock. Consumers could order the Apple earpiece from AT&T and Verizon. The two telecom companies sell the AirPods for $159 and would ship it free.

Shipping Days

It takes Verizon two days to ship the AirPods, while AT&T takes three days. It means customers who ordered on Friday from Verizon would likely receive their orders on Monday and early next week if they ordered it from AT&T, BGR reports. People who want to own the device are advised by the website to order immediately because stocks run out fast.

Outside the two carriers, Apple stores across the U.S. also carried stocks of the AirPods when it was launched in late 2016 but immediately ran out. To help consumers look for Apple stores that carry the earpiece or any other Apple product, the website has been found by online shoppers to be very helpful. For certain products with different choices, the website could filter according to storage size, color, and other specs.

Help From refreshes each time Apple updates its inventory of products such as AirPods, usually nightly after midnight PT, according to Tech Crunch. A store would turn green if there is a stock of a particular product the consumer is looking for. The buyer can then order the device or Apple product on the website of the Cupertino-based tech giant for in-store pickup.

BGR notes that the AirPods are polarizing since the earpiece has a good share of haters and fans on the internet. While some users like the AirPods’ simple design and freeing them from wires, others hate the gadget’s shape, fit and design. One feature of the AirPod that some consumers like is seamless switching as the earpiece connects automatically to all Apple devices, 9TO5Mac points out.

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