Mar 02, 2021 | Updated: 05:41 PM EST

AT&T Released Android Nougat Update For Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Mar 09, 2017 05:43 AM EST

For the past few months, the Android Nougat has been rolled to various smartphones like T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S7. Now, users of AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S7 Active will not be eligible for the Nougat update.

Phone Arena just reported that AT&T recently announced on the support page of the Galaxy S7 Active about the Android Nougat update. The carrier started giving Android Nougat update to the Galaxy S7 Active, a rugged smartphone that was released back in June 2016, since March 7.

For users of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, they must check first for a new firmware version. If they check the firmware version NRD90M.G891AUCU2BQB2, it would allow them to update to Android Nougat.

Corbin Davenport of the Android Police reported that the firmware version NRD90M.G891AUCU2BQB2 and Android Nougat would have AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active users some treats. It includes some specific Samsung software like Samsung Cloud and Samsung Pass

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active users would not just only have new apps but new options in the App Select feature. The update would enable App Select in Setup and Transfer.

The update would not just add some new apps that are deemed convenient for users but it would also remove some considered redundant apps. The update would remove the AT&T Address Book App.

Not only that, the update would also bring some network enhancements and device security updates. Adnan Farooqiu of Uber Gizmo has reported that AT&T did not mention what type of security patch would be installed but Samsung has already published the security bulletin in their March security update.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active users should free up some space now because the update would require them to have some large space. The major update would have to take 1.58 GB to be successfully downloaded.

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