Sep 21, 2020 | Updated: 11:04 PM EDT

Google Pixel 2 Update: Rumored 'Budget Pixel' Not True

Mar 08, 2017 01:01 AM EST


Rumors surfaced back in January that Google is working on a budget Pixel 2 Phone, a cheap Android phone made by the Pixel team. Turns out, it may not be true at all as a Google official put the rumors to rest.

Last week at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain Google Senior Vice President Rick Osterloh said that the Pixel 2 would stay premium. He also said that Google is not working on any budget Pixel phone right now, according to a report by Phone Arena.

Where did this come from? A 9 to 5 Google has reported that they had a tipster who told them that the Pixel 2 would have a cheaper version called "Pixel 2B" that would have a lower price point and less powerful hardware targeted in different markets.

Subhrojit Mallick of PC Mag has noted that the 9 to 5 Google article wrote that the Pixel 2 budget version was testing some prototypes with Snapdragon 83X chips and others with Intel chipsets. They also reported that the prototype Pixel 2B could be released with Pixel 2 at the same time.

The article also noted that the Pixel 2 budget version was supposed to aim Google's goal to its customers. It aims to bring Google experience and the Google Phone to their emerging markets.

Tyler Lee of Ubergizmo has reported that ever since Osterloh said that the Pixel 2 would stay premium, the 9 to 5 Google tipster gave his statement with a clarification.

In his clarification, he said that the phone was not necessarily a Pixel phone or a cheaper version of Pixel 2. He said that it is just the Pixel Team working on a new phone. He also said that the phone would not be sold in the US.

Phone Arena has noted that it would be very hard to what exactly to believe in. The publication said that the new rumor makes a lot of sense because Google wants to redeem themselves from the Android One, which they consider as a disappointment to their expectations and a cheaper version of Pixel 2 could be the solution.

The publication also noted that Google is still keeping the Pixel brand to its other premium devices. It said that it makes sense because it is evident with Chromebook Pixel, Pixel C tablet, and Pixel phones.

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