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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Latest News & Updates: New Report Says Major Surprise Awaits Fans

Mar 07, 2017 07:51 AM EST


Just when everyone thought that Xiaomi Inc might be done shocking its consumers with some its jaw-dropping, top-of-the-line features, the Chinese smartphone behemoth is upping its game on the iteration that brought it renewed fame and glory. Yes, the firm isn't quite finshed yet as Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is now slated to outshine its predecessor.

Android Authority reports that Xiaomi is pushing the envelope further with Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Rumors out of China have indicated that the forthcoming device will be more compact for its screen size. The anonymous sources that were cited by MyDrivers have shared that Mi Mix 2 will be featuring an even more exquisite screen-to-body ratio of 93 percent, a considerable increase from Xiaomi Mi Mix's 91.3 percent ratio. It's isn't clear yet as to how the company will be able to develop this ambitious feat but given Xiaomi's expertise on the field, it won't come as no surprise if this is indeed legitimate.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is expected to come with AMOLED, a departure from the LCD display that was showcase dby its predecessor. It is also speculated that Xiaomi might opt for curved edges as opposed to sharp ones as AMOLED can provide the company this type of design. Meanwhile, Xiaomi might also place the fingerprint sensor on the unit's bottom bezel. As such, the device's top and bottom bezels are expected to be retained.

The same publication has shared that Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is going to retain its predecessor's ceramic construction that will also be spearheaded by French industrial designer Philippe Starck. The upcoming device is also speculated to come with an embedded speaker on its screen and not on the usual bezel-situated location.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2's official unveiling hasn't been disclosed yet but it is expected to launch within 2017. It's parent device Xiaomi Mi Mix was launched with a 6.4-inch nearly bezel-less display along with Snapdragon 821 and a 4GB/6GB RAM tiers, as per Gadgets 360.

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