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Google Assistant Will Be Rolled Out On Android Nougat & Marshmallow Phones

Mar 05, 2017 06:35 AM EST


Besides Pixel, Google Assistant is already making its way to other devices with Android Nougat and Marshmallow phones like the Nexus phones, Google's Twitter account has confirmed. The search engine giant confirmed last week that Google Assistant would be introduced on other Android smartphones.

The Indian Express has reported that it is already expected for Google to roll out its Google Assistant to other Android phones. The publication said that Google is prepping up its engine on the smart assistance race, with Samsung announcing its Bixby Assistant and Amazon with Alexa.

Google Assistant is the smart assistant in which it is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is capable of doing various activities for users like booking schedules in the calendar, suggesting a restaurant close by, and even playing games.

How could it be launched by non-Pixel users? Decan Chronicle has reported that Google Assistant could be installment by just simply pressing the Home button in a long period of time and it would be activated.

Beta News reported that Google Assistant depends on machine learning to improve its search results and responses over time. Also, Google store the requests the user make to Assistant.

Users could go to Settings > About Phone > and Check for an update in order to look for a Google Assistant. Unfortunately, some markets could still not avail the update.

India-based users are unlikely to receive an update soon and have to wait for some time. Google Assistant would be available on all phones like Android 6.0 and above. Why is that?

Recently, Google opened up about the Google Assistant to third-party developers. It means that users will soon be able to book an Uber ride, ask to download a movie or buy something on an e-commerce site by just commanding it using a user's voice.

Google's Action on Google API was revealed for developers last year. It will let them create some custom commands for Google Assistant. This feature is only limited to Google Home device, which is still not available for users in India.

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