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Google Chromebook Pixel Latest News & Updates: Company Top Brass Clarifies That Laptop Line Is Not Dead

Mar 04, 2017 04:44 AM EST

Most may find it hard to get their hands on the Google Chromebook Pixel nowadays. Thanks to a previous statement, most were left with the impression that the company is giving up its fight in the laptop segment. The initial statement of Google Hardware SVP Rick Osterloh wherein he said they had no plans for a Google-branded laptop was taken abruptly.

Osterloh would, later on, clarify that the Google Chromebook Pixel was not dead and that he just didn’t have any important updates for now via Twitter and reported by Tech Crunch. In short, he was misquoted and thus clearing the air of any misinformation about the laptop.

Though all that would be a big sigh of relief, it still begs to ask what the future of the Google Chromebook Pixel holds. For those who are unaware, Google has only designed two versions of the Pixel laptop to date with the last one coming out in 2015. Right now, even a look at the Google Store will not render any notebook available, CNet reported.

Google normally subcontracts to companies like Acer and Samsung before they make the necessary designs in-house. That would include fabricating it to its own Chrome OS software. While it may not make as much noise, most may be surprised to note that there were instances where the Google Chromebook Pixel outsold Windows-based laptops (201%) and even Apple’s Macs, ZDNet reported.

Looking ahead, it still doesn’t answer what the future holds for the Google Chromebook Pixel. There may be new variants coming and the question now is when. With other brands like HP, Lenovo, and Dell coming out with their own, Google will have to find a way to make their laptop stand out to maintain its market share.

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