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MacBook Pro Latest News & Updates: Tim Cook Hints At Potential Coming Of Upgraded Notebook In 2017

Mar 02, 2017 08:58 AM EST


The MacBook Pro 2016 continues to ride out the criticism since being released last year. Most single out lowly processor (Intel Skylake Chipset) and compounded by the 16 GB RAM that raises the question of its capability. Affected are the professionals who look for the best specs to carry out their craft and duties.

With the release of the latest Intel Kaby Lake chipsets, anticipation is high that Apple will be coming out with an upgraded MacBook Pro in 2017. This is still up for debate with Apple mum on a potential release. Apple CEO Tim Cook is aware of the complaints coming from their loyalists and officially addressed it during a shareholders meeting, Mac Rumors reported.

According to the Apple CEO, they have not forgotten about the creative and professional users. In fact, he has promised to address the pro area as he cited the importance of this market segment. The only problem now is that he didn’t really mention a target date meaning it will be touch and go from here.

Right now, the MacBook Pro seems to be suited only for the common users with its current configuration, reported. Power users are left to turn to their old MacBooks or perhaps even old iMacs. Knowing how mobility is essential in the modern day, it remains to be seen if Cook can actually come up with a refreshed notebook before 2017 comes to a close.

There is the Apple Spring Event happening this April where the iPad Pro is expected to be the star of the show. Based on previous years, many are under the impression that there could be more appearing. As mentioned in a previous post, this could include a budget-friendly iPhone, new iMacs, Mac Mini or even an upgraded MacBook Pro. If Cook’s word is good enough, most are eager to see a better MacBook Pro that will hopefully not be too expensive to purchase.

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