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Apple Might Release Two Device Models That Will Feature an OLED Screen and USB-C Connector

Mar 02, 2017 04:35 AM EST

Apple's said-to-be iPhone 8 has been predicted to be made out of all advanced technology including wireless charging, iris scanning, and a shift from LCD to OLED display technology. One of the most interesting features that iPhone 8 may bring is the switch from Lightning to USB-C connector.

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple will release two models of their device this year that will be equipped with a traditional LCD and an OLED screen. MacBook Pro and Apple Watch was made with Touch Bar using an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display technology which will find the right balance of the upcoming device, mitigate its drawbacks, and maximize its advantages with other devices.

Using OLED, Apple devices will have the advantages in terms of thinness, power efficient, and its flexibility. However, disadvantages have its own way in terms of drawbacks such as subpixel arrangement, burn-in, color saturation, and OLED's production. Apple's purpose for acquiring OLED is to meet the demand of the consumers from their standard.

Meanwhile, Apple stated that they will also introduce a USB-C port for the power cord instead of the company's original Lightning connector. Apple's unknown upcoming devices do not introduce a physical home button which makes the iPhone features similar to other smartphones. As for the Lightning connector, developers at Apple made USB-C with some similarities to it. USB-C and Lightning are just implementation details which Apple now focuses on selling feature sets.

According to TIME, these changes will mark a significant shift for Apple which traditionally has its own charger in their devices that aren't compatible with other devices such as HTC, Google, LG, and etc.; all these companies are USB-C users. USB-C offers a bunch of benefits and also gives faster data transfer.

Apple will soon introduce iPhone models with a curved-screen, one of the upcoming changes that Apple will apply for their devices, as the company has ordered enough parts for the mass production of iPhone models. Apple's changes will make a better competition in the mobile community including its rival Samsung which has been releasing rounded screen smartphones since 2014.

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