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AirPods Has No Issues At All But Just a Cultural Phenomenon: Apple CEO Tim Cook

Mar 02, 2017 04:13 AM EST

Apple is insisting that its AirPods has no issue at all because the product continues to be on Apple's website, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the annual stockholders' meeting Wednesday. He described the wireless AirPods as "quite the cultural phenomenon."

When the AirPods was launched last September it immediately earned criticisms from some health experts citing bluetooth transmission as a health risk to users. The AirPods' acceptability in the market was also described earlier by analysts as just not massive but during the stockholders' meeting, Cook hinted the product is not going in bumps and expressed it is the company's current good stuff.

The AirPods' actual sales were not bared though during the meeting. The product was launched September last year. It was said to be on hit sales in U.S. market in December.

Cook said that Apple has 20 million subscribers, a figure which the company keeps on repeating in the recent months. He also bared a new figure of 150 million subscribers for all its services including the affiliates like Netflix and Hulu where Apple through iTunes has a share.

The AirPods seemed just a hit in all markets because it was hard to find months later, according to AOL. It is Apple's iPhone 7 that first discarded the headphone jack with the AirPods as an accessory.

The AirPods is priced $159, the lowest in the market among veritable wireless airbuds.Other rivals have their wireless earbuds priced at $199 for Powerbeats, $219 for Skybuds and $199 for Verve One.

September last year Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a professor at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, told Daily Mail Online that in the use of wireless airbuds "we are playing fire here." He warned that Bluetooth technology transmitted to the AirPods gives low-intensity radiowaves into the ears.

He added that research shows that over time these radiowave emissions wear down the blood-brain barrier, which is essential for keeping chemical toxins. However, Apple's engineers and marketing directors insisted that the microwave emissions are just well within the FCC guidelines.

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