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TCL Will Launch New Smartphones That Runs on Google’s Android Mobile Operating System

Mar 01, 2017 12:21 PM EST


TCL Communications has recently launched their new device under the brand name BlackBerry last Saturday; a new smartphone that runs on Google's Android mobile operating system. These BlackBerry devices will feature the company's trademark physical keyboard.

TCL recently revealed their newest smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last Saturday; the BlackBerry KEYOne which was said to hit stores next month. BlackBerry KEYOne features a physical QWERTY keyboard with a fingerprint sensor built along the spacebar that also reacts to touch gestures which portray the old BlackBerry trackpad, as reported by CNBC.

TCL's latest BlackBerry KEYOne also runs on an Android 7.0; the latest version of the Android operating system. The device has also a 4.5-inch touchscreen display along with its pre-installed BlackBerry security software called DTEK; this device also features a 36-minutes fast charging system and has a 12MP rear camera along with its 8MP front camera for selfie purposes.

Meanwhile, TCL Communications planned to launch other devices within this year. According to CNet, the company is now planning to release as many as three smartphones this year using the BlackBerry brand name which was predicted to run Google's Android operating system. They are now working on a progressive status in terms of the phone's touchscreen displays for the upcoming DTEK 50 and DTEK 60. These two upcoming devices that will later be revealed within this year had earned few issues and criticisms in terms of its inability to adapt to the smartphone market but TCL will assure that these devices will hit stores with affordable price and huge features.

TCL Communications took seriously on bringing the BlackBerry brand into the competition of smartphones. BlackBerry was once one of the best mobile manufacturers in the mobile history but went fell down when Apple introduced iPhone. The Chinese Company TCL recently introduces the BlackBerry KEYOne hoping to get back on track from the mobile competition along with the Finnish brand Nokia, and also Motorola under new owners.

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